Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nice day for a white wedding

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful family wedding with my boyfriend and his family.  The day was so ‘Pinterest-worthy’ that I could barely put my camera down so I thought it only right I share some shots.  

The weather for the day was truly glorious - just what every bride would want it to be.  However, in true Brit style we complained all day at how ridiculously hot we were.  Why aren’t we ever satisfied?  If I thought 20 degrees was too much then God help me when I go to Cyprus in September for another wedding.  I predict some ‘hair-frizz induced‘ tantrums.

The ceremony took place in a beautiful church in Sunderland city centre then it was on to the Stadium of Light (our city’s football stadium) for the reception.  Prior to this wedding I could never understand why people chose to spend their special day at a football ground but I’ve now changed my mind.  Seeing the stadium in all of it’s magnitude without thousands of shouting football fans was quite spectacular and the splendour of the banqueting suite in which we had our wedding breakfast was simply breathtaking.  Combine that with the fact both bride and groom are die hard Sunderland AFC fans, I can see why they made their choice.  

Every last detail of the wedding had been given so much thought.  From the box full of free flip-flops for tired feet to the sweetie stand for the kids, there was something for everyone.  A personal favourite of mine was a hamper placed in the ladies toilets full to the brim of everything you may have forgotten.  Whether it be kirby grips, deodorant, hairspray, dry shampoo, a sewing kit, plasters, hayfever tablets...I could go on...the bride had thought of everything!  Such a thoughtful idea and it definitely came in handy later in the night when I had a manicure mishap and needed to help myself to a nail file.  

The fun carried on into the early hours and included lots of Dad dancing, photo booth fun and many a tipple. We all had such a good day/night and I can’t thank the beautiful bride (that dress!) and the awesome groom enough for having us as our guests for the day.  It was most certainly a wedding to remember.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Clark!



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