Monday, 16 September 2013

Manicure Monday 2: Nails Inc Feathers Effect

Oh no!  I’m such a bad blogger.  I had the best intentions to do a load of posts this last week but once again life kinda got in the way and before I knew it, it was Manicure Monday again!  And rather late in the day too so for that reason I will keep it brief as my bed is calling.

This week I’ve been wearing the Nails Inc Feathers Effect nail varnish in the colour Edinburgh.  As you can see, it’s a textured polish which contains little flecks of peachy-orange and pale blue to create a feathered finish on your nails.  I’ve layered it on top of a baby blue but it would look good on it’s own after two or three coats. 

I love the way this looks but I’m not crazy about the way it feels on my nails.  It’s very rough, even with a top coat, and I found myself just sitting rubbing my nails all day when I should have been busy at work.  It’s also catches on clothing and in strands of hair too which drives me absolutely wild and for that reason I’m putting this on my box of party polishes: perfect for one night outings but not quite weekday material.  Fab if you’re a fan of something a little different but one I can guarantee you will be dying to peel off.


Monday, 9 September 2013

Manicure Monday 1: CK One Real Nail Polish Strips

As I have so many fabulous nail varnishes and products to show you I thought now might be a good time to do a #manicuremonday series.  I see this hashtag so much on Twitter and pictures of perfectly polished talons really do brighten my mundane Monday mornings so I thought I would bring you my own offerings.  Please excuse my dodgy looking hands and the quality of the photographs but holding a heavy camera in one hand whilst photographing the other is really quite hard.  How do these girls on Instagram take such perfect shots?

My nails are rather long at the minute so I felt it was time I brought out something a little special for the occasion and you don’t get more fantastic than designer nail wraps.  The CK One Real Nail Polish Strips are unlike any nail stickers I’ve ever used.  The graffiti design is so different and something I certainly couldn’t create on my own  They mould well to the nail without the need for any heat and are easily filed into shape with the handy mini file/buffer that comes in the pack.  Applying nail wraps are usually my idea of hell.  I just find them so fiddly and a bit naff but I’m so glad I gave these a go.

I never expect much in terms of staying power with wraps, usually just seeing them as a one night thing, but I’m onto day two and these babies are going nowhere yet.  I’ve chipped one or two on the very ends but these are also the nails that I rushed so I think the moral of the story is to take your time for longer, lasting results.  My only complaint would be that you only get 16 transfers so there isn’t much room for error but overall I can only say positive things.  

Happy manicure Monday to you all!  Send me your links below so I can check out your manis!  My monday happiness levels depend on it! 


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy

One bottle of hair oil finished and another one opened.  I seriously could not cut this step out of my hair regime now and don’t know how my hair was ever in a reasonable condition without it.  My oil of choice at the minute is the Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy from haircare superstars Ojon.  And doesn’t it look pretty?  I love how the three different coloured layers sit on top of each other in the bottle making it look very space age but luxe at the same time (think chic lava lamp!)

The magic happens when you shake up the bottle and mix all three liquids together to achieve the creamy looking consistency you can see in the images above.  At this point, I pour one or two drops into the palm of my hand and warm it up before putting it through the ends of my damp hair.  I think this bottle would really benefit from a pipette or a pump however, as it’s easy to accidentally use too much product like I did upon first use.  And because I used far too much, the oil didn’t absorb properly and my hair looked a little greasy.  Never a good look after you’ve just spent hours washing, conditioning and styling your hair!

At £30 this is one of the more expensive hair oils I’ve seen on the market but if you do have enough pennies in your beauty budget this a good investment.  I suppose you could justify the hefty price tag considering you’re not just getting one oil, like argan for example, but a blend of other utterly lovely ingredients which will do nothing but good for your hair.  If you’re reading this and still not using a hair oil - it doesn’t have to be this one - then your locks are missing out.  Get on board the oil revolution and don’t deprive them any longer.

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