Thursday, 10 January 2013

MAC Saigon Summer Lipstick

Saigon Summer is the perfect colour for bold lip lovers.  It's a super bright orange frost formula by MAC and I couldn't wait to try this lipstick.   The colour looks a lot brighter in the bullet than when it's applied to my lips and it takes a few slicks to achieve a fully opaque colour.  The MAC frost formulas can be known to be a little drying but I didn’t have any issues with Saigon Summer and found it quite moisturising.  It lasts a a good few hours too before it needs a top up.    

It’s a wearable, fun shade and great for perking up any outfit.  I wore this lipstick when wearing an all black outfit and I feel it really changed it up a little and made the outfit less boring.  I think it would be perfect for - as the name suggests - Summer!  I’m looking forward to wearing it with an all white outfit and a tan (please hurry warmer weather...we’re so over the cold!)  Overall, a great addition to any MAC lover’s lipstick collection and one to try if you’re not afraid of colour!



  1. That is such a beautiful colour! Looks lovely on you :)

    Asmaa x

    1. Thank you lovely! Would definitely recommend this shade :)

      GC x

    2. Hey Gemma,

      What bronzer are you wearing? Looks amazing on you.

  2. i follow you now can you follow me back? thanks!

    love your lipstick color i havent got this buy i have others please see my blog ! thanks!


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