Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween & The End of Blogtober!

Not only is today Halloween but it also marks the end of my Blogtober challenge.  At the beginning of the month I set myself a target to blog at least once every day during October and by jove I’ve done it!  I must admit I doubted if I could do it as finding the time to post something worthy and interesting every day is pretty hard.  I hope I managed to post some refreshing stuff and that you’ve enjoyed having something new to read daily.  Posting three to four times a week is going to feel like a breeze compared to what I’m used to right now.

I’ve discovered a lot about my ‘blogging self’ over this last month and found that I quite like to post about things other than just product reviews.  I’ve loved doing tags and lifestyle posts so look out for a lot more of those in the coming months.  I think most importantly doing this challenge has inspired me and brought back a passion for writing which I lost recently.  It was hard to blog every day whilst working full time, maintaining a social life AND taking a few days out for a weekend away but I’ve really enjoyed it and feel a real sense of satisfaction now my challenge is completed. 

I’m going to have a couple of days off now but will be back on Sunday with a blog post about my Halloween party which me and Mr W are hosting on Saturday.  I’m so excited!  I have a gruesome costume planned and I can’t wait to give the house a makeover.  Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year simply because I love dressing up!  Oh and you get to eat lots of sweets too.  That’s a bonus!  Sending lots of spooky love your way...


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What's On My Face: The Office Edition

Every morning I’m faced with the same old predicament: get up and apply some makeup or have an extra ten minutes in bed.  You can guarantee I choose my bed every time.  However, I’m not brave enough to go to work barefaced so have to try to make myself look presentable with a limited amount of time and a few products.

When I don’t have time to sit and blend in my foundation, the Max Factor’s Instant Complexion Enhancer CC Cream comes in really handy.  It’s more like a tinted moisturiser than a foundation so doesn’t need as much work.  It’s light and refreshing yet gives me good coverage.  If needs be I top up with a little concealer.  I forgot to photograph it but no prizes for guessing which one I use (Collection’s  Lasting Perfection concealer - review here).

I have to add powder when I need my makeup to last all day and my current dusting of choice comes from Paul & Joe’s Limited Edition Pressed Powder UV.  It contains finely milled glitter which adds a sheen to my face - the perfect pick me up for when I’m at work.  Onto blush and my usual office choice is MAC Powder Blush in Supercontinental, a bright yet natural coral shade.  It’s perfect for giving me a bit of a flush whilst not being too OTT or girly.  Unfortunately it was a limited edition from a collection last year so you will find it hard to hunt it down.  I’m using it sparingly!

Now for the eye area.  I tend to keep my eyes really simple whilst at work because as you nine-to-five girls know, too much tired eye-rubbing will leave you looking like an office zombie.  I apply a good few lashings of Maybelline’s Mega Plush Volum’ Expess mascara to keep my peepers looking wide awake.  I didn’t get on with this mascara at first as I found the formula rather runny and hard to work with but I persevered and glad I did.  I fill in my browns using the amazing Browzings duo from Benefit.  As you can see, the wax (left) is my favourite but I stick to the powder (right) during the day for a subtle look.

Finally, the lips.  Whenever I wear bright lipstick during the day at work I’m often asked if I’m going out afterwards and I get sick of saying “no I just like fancy a change!”  Can’t a girl wear a bit of bright lippy if she pleases?  Jeez!  Most days I opt for a touch of lip balm to keep my lips soft but glossy.  I make sure I keep it on my desk and top up during the day, especially in the colder weather.  My all time favourite lip balm is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant.  If you don’t have this in your makeup bag then why not?  It cures an array of ailments and I love how soft it makes my lips feel.

And there you have it.  This whole routine takes around 10 minutes and is so fool proof it can be done when half asleep.  I plan on doing a few more What’s On My Face posts so let me know other ‘faces’ you would like to see.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Oh what a jolly holiday...

Just arrived and feeling hyper / Grandma brought too many Potnoodles / Our favourite evening hang-out / It’s Harr-eh! / Millions in my drink / Arty photograph by the little bro / And again - quack! / Hungover and needing a Coke / Let’s go to the beach / Oh dear / Oh dear oh dear / Smiles for Butlin’s

I’m back from my mini-break to Butlin’s and just had to post about the good time I had.  My weekend was none stop and we did all sorts of fun things including mini-golf (I lost), laser quasar, swimming, bowling, go-karting, etc.  You name it and we did it!  Throw in a copious amount of alcohol and you have the recipe for a great weekend.

I originally planned to do some outfit posts whilst I was away and took my camera with me but I’ve been putting so much time into my blog for my Blogtober challenge that I decided I’d give myself a well earned rest instead.  I took photos of novelty oversized beach equipment instead of lipstick.  It was refreshing!

Memories were made and the weekend was full of giggles.  I wouldn’t want to bore you all with the ins and outs of private family jokes so I will leave you with some photos instead - most of which were taken by my teenage brother who became quite the photographer over the weekend.  

Enjoy and I will be back tomorrow with a beauty related post!  Things have been getting very ‘life-y’ over here on my blog but I must admit I do like reading these types of posts from other bloggers so hopefully you will too!


Monday, 28 October 2013

Manicure Monday 6: OPI I Theodora You & Silver Glitter

Happy Manicure Monday to you all!  I did originally have some Halloween nail art planned for today’s post but I’ve just returned home from my weekend away, sat down to do it and realised I didn’t have time.  Good nail art takes a lot of patience and because I rushed it turned out as one big smudgy mess.  Cue me digging into my ‘nail shots’ archive for something I could show you all today.  Thank the lord for random ‘claw hand’ snapping.

I Theodora You is a cutesy pink nail varnish from OPI’s Oz The Great and Powerful collection.  A beautiful sheer shade, this takes about 3 - 4 coats to become opaque but does look just as good as a barely there mani or as part of a French polish.  Although I loved the way it looked on my nails I felt it need a little more sparkle and so added a dot of silver glitter polish just a smidgen away from my cuticle area.  It’s a grown up way to do glitter.

How do you guys find the wearing time with OPI polishes?  I was rather disappointed when this chipped just two days later.  I wasn’t sure if this could be down to the number of coats I had layered up but even so I expect a little more from a higher priced polish.  Regardless of that I have to admit it is a lovely colour and I’m longing for this on my nails right now over the green and black mess I’m currently rocking.  Must go remove!  Hope you guys have better look with your Halloween nail art!


Sunday, 27 October 2013

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

It’s been a while since I’ve done a MAC lipstick review so I thought I’d spoil you all on this Sunday evening and show you which shade has been gracing my lips of late.  

Girl About Town is bright fuchsia pink shade from MAC’s permanent lipstick line.  It had been on my wish list for some time and when I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have a shade like this one in my collection, I decided to treat myself.  It’s what MAC call an ‘amplified’ formula which means that although it’s very pigmented, it’s also very moisturising and won’t dry your lips out.  The colour has cool blue undertones to it which help to make your teeth look whiter too - another perk!

I find myself reaching for this when my makeup is missing something and I need a bit of zhuzh.  It not only brightens up my lips but my whole face too.  I really like the name.  Girl About Town is playful and reminds me of going out on the town with my girlfriends for a cocktail or two...or three!  I smile just thinking about this shade :) And for that reason my friends, I deem it a very worthy member of my MAC collection.


PS.  I would just like to add that is my 100th blog post!  I can't believe I've wrote 100 posts!  Thank you to everyone who reads and follows Something Kinda Cloughton.  You have no idea how much I enjoy writing it and your support means so much to me    

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Guerlain Terracotta Four Seasons Bronzer

I don’t know about you but I’m actually more concerned with being bronzed in the Winter than Summer.  I know it might seem topsy-turvy but my Summer tanning routine is usually a lot more relaxed than in the six months that follow.  I’m more about sporting a few natural freckles and beachy waves because evening soirees during the warmer weather tend to come with the ‘anything goes’ dress code.  Winter, on the other hand, is time to get glam.  It’s party season, everyone wants to look their best and for me this involves having a healthy glow.

My favourite makeup item when creating a bronzed look has to be the Guerlain Terracotta Four Seasons bronzer.  Comprising of not one but four beautiful matte shades, this compact can be used for an all over sweep of colour or to contour your face.  This is one of the only bronzers I’ve used that doesn’t have an orange tinge or any nasty glitter particles making it practically impossible to go wrong with it.  I have the colour ‘Brunettes’ but it also comes in ‘Blondes’ too so you do have a choice.  Both shades look very au natural might I add.  If I’m having a good skin day then sometimes I will use this alone on my face without any foundation but it does also look just as good on top of a base or fake tan.

Have I sold it to you yet?  Well if so, then this may be one of the most expensive bronzers you will ever buy.  At £46.50 (that’s almost £50!) this gorgeous glow doesn’t come cheap.  I got this is a gift so managed to swerve any uncomfortable exchange with the counter girl where I don‘t fully let go of my cash as I reluctantly hand it over.  Imagine the buyer’s guilt you would feel after purchasing this!  What I will say however is you can really tell this is a luxury product.  The powder is so finely milled that it feel super soft when applied to your face and the results do speak for themselves.  Did I mention that the packaging is amazing too?  It feels so heavy and expensive in your hands.  

Despite the hefty price tag I would buy this bronzer if, and only if, I couldn’t find a good enough dupe for it.  I’m skeptical as to whether I will though because I’ve never used anything like this before.  It love it.  Good news for those who do want to buy it now as it’s currently half price on Debenhams’ website.  What the hell are you waiting for?


Friday, 25 October 2013

Back to Butlins!

Today is an exciting one for me as I’m off to one of my favourite places on Earth (Butlins) with my favourite people on Earth (my family!)  We usually make this trip to Butlins Skegness every year but for one reason or another we’ve not been since 2010 so it’s safe to say I’m rather excited.

Some people don’t really get holiday camps in the UK.  Some believe they are still stuck in the 1950s with over-friendly Redcoats and ‘the nicest knees’ competitions as your only entertainment but I can assure you they are nothing like that.  As a child, I always holidayed in the UK and some of my fondest memories are from my time at places like Butlins and Pontins.  That’s why I enjoy going back because as soon as I drive through those gates I’m transported back to being 7 years old again.  Obviously I don’t partake in the same activities now as I did then - imagine how awkward it would be to see a 24 year old woman race onto the stage to win a balloon animal - but I have fun all the same. 

I can’t wait for a few days away from regular life, spending some quality time with my family.  We have a new addition to the family this year in the form of my gorgeous baby nephew so I can’t wait to see him enjoy his first holiday.  For those who have been keeping up with my Blogtober challenge fear not as I have scheduled posts for you to read whilst I’m away.  I hope you enjoy them.  Have a great weekend everyone!  I know I will :) 


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer

If you are a seasoned blogger, or blog reader for that matter, then you will no doubt have heard about Collection’s Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer.  If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of this brand then don’t worry, you’re not completely out of the loop, they did used to be called Collection 2000 but dropped the digits for a snappier brand name.  Anyway, this product went viral in the blogging world last year.  Everyone was raving about it and as as result I bought it.  It’s now one of my most valued makeup products and although you may have seen hundreds of reviews on it already, I wanted to pass on my praise incase any of my readers hadn’t.  I don’t like you guys to miss out!

Let’s start with the all important question: does it give me good coverage?  The answer to that is yes it does.  It has a thick and creamy consistency that blends into the skin well.  I find it does a great job of covering my dark circles (curse you Pinterest for not allowing me to sleep) and works equally as well when hiding red patches and blemishes.  Those with dry skin would benefit from making sure their skin is thoroughly moisturised before application, as although I don’t find this product drying, it does gather around dry areas.  It won’t illuminate your skin so if you are looking for something which will brighten and highlight then this isn’t for you.  This concealer simply covers.

I wear shade number 2 (light) and this suits my pale skin when I’m not wearing any false tan but I do think I’d benefit from shade 3 when I’m a little more bronzed.  FYI, there’s four shades in the colour range so there should be something for everyone.  If I had to say something negative about this concealer it’s that the packaging isn’t great.  Upon first impressions it looks fine but give it a couple of weeks in your makeup bag and all of the black text will have rubbed off, making it look a little tatty.  Also, I think my latest tube may have actually been faulty as I’ve peered into my bag a few times to find the concealer has leaked onto my other products.  Not good but as I say, it’s the first time that’s ever happened to me and I’ve had a good few tubes this last year.

I’m so happy with this concealer right now.  I’m never tempted to look for anything else or try to find something better because it already ticks all of the boxes for me.  I recommend it to everyone who asks my advice on a concealer and I’ve not heard any complaints.  Concealer perfection?  I think so!


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Would You Rather? | The Makeup Tag

I really enjoyed doing my 50 Facts About Me post the other day so when I saw the Would You Rather Makeup tag I knew I wanted to give it a go.  I love playing Would You Rather.  I always play it with the girls at work as a boredom buster but the topics we discuss aren’t very “blog suitable” should we say?  So here is my makeup tag instead.  If you have a blog then why not give it a go?  If you don’t then let me know in the comments what you would rather...  

Q:  Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?

A:  I think I would definitely have to lose my palettes and eyeshadows because I don’t have many in my collection and I could easily replace them.  If I lost my lipsticks, glosses, etc then half of my makeup would be gone.  I thought I’d lost my makeup bag once.  It was awful!  I was in tears until I found it!

Q:  Would you rather chop off all of your hair or never be able to cut it again?

A:  Oh that’s a hard one.  I love long hair but hate it when it’s in bad condition and in desperate need of a cut.  I don’t think I suit short hair but then if I did cut it short it would always grow back.  I think I’d rather short hair than long scraggly locks.

Q:  Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?

A:  Ask me this 3 years ago and I would have said pink every time.  Pink blusher was my make up staple but looking back at old photos I definitely used to overdo it!  Nowadays I much prefer a subtle coral cheek, especially when it’s got a nice shimmer on top.

Q:  If you had £1000 to spend would you rather buy clothes or make up?

A:  I love both so I think I would have to split the money.  I wouldn’t necessarily split it equally but I would like to get a mix of both fashion and beauty.  Imagine what I could get with £1000!  *Daydreams...*

Q:  Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner or eyeliner as lipstick?

A:  I’d definitely rather apply eyeliner as lipstick.  I’m not afraid to experiment with dark colours on my lips so would prefer to rock a gothic look over looking like a pink-eye victim.

Q:  Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?

A:  We don’t have Sephora in the UK so I would have to pick MAC.  I’ve heard Sephora is a beauty treasure trove though so I’m desperate to visit.

Q:  Would you rather only use one eyeshadow colour or one lip colour for the rest of your life?

A:  Oh this is easy!  I’d pick one eyeshadow colour.  I don’t wear eyeshadow on a daily basis but I can’t live without my lipstick.  I love buying and trying new colours but if I did have to stick to one shade of lippy it would be a classic red.

Q:  Would you rather wear Winter clothes in the Summer or Summer clothes in the Winter?

A:  I don’t really know?!  I love Winter clothes but can’t stand being too hot so would hate to wear them in Summer.  Similarly I wouldn’t want to freeze by wearing skimpy clothes in Winter.  That’s too hard!  Next question please?   

Q:  Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?

A:  I’d pick dark nails all year round.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love bright, bold colours but I think dark nails always look a little bit chicer and fit in whatever the weather.

Q:  Would you rather give up your favourite lip product or favourite eye product?

A:  I think you know the answer to this one!  I love my lip products. They always have my back and I always have theirs ;) 

Q:  Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?

A:  Definitely a messy bun!  I love a good old messy bun.  There’s something about them which look sophisticated and dressed but stylish and relaxed at the same time.  I look like a plain Jane with a ponytail.

Q:  Would you rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?

A:  I can’t bear the thought of long unpainted nails.  They make me cringe!  Therefore I would have to pick nail polish.  I can live without lipgloss if it means I get a manicure.

Q:  Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or Sharpie them in everyday?

A:  I’m actually giggling at the thought of me with a pair of heavy black Scouse-brows!  However, I would have to pick that option instead of shaved eyebrows.  My brows are quite thick and I hate it if I accidentally wax them too thin so the thought of me with none at all is terrifying!

Q:  Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?

A:  Okay so I know I said earlier that I would pick polish over lipgloss but if I had to sacrifice my whole makeup bag I would be saying bye bye to painted nails.  I just can’t imagine a life without makeup.  I know that sounds really sad but I get so much joy from putting on a full face and making myself look different.  I feel so much more confident with a slick of lipstick or a smoky eye.  I would just have to keep my nails very short and neat.     


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Show Beauty Lux Volume Mist & Premiere Finishing Spray

Celebrity endorsed products aren’t usually my thing.  I don’t like their cheap gimmicky packaging and the cheesy advertisements that go along with it.  However, when I saw Tamara Ecclestone’s range of luxury haircare products, Show Beauty, I had to admit I was rather impressed.  

At first glance, the packaging is gorgeous.  With a colour scheme of black, silver, golds and a dash of crystallised glass here and there, these products look and feel expensive.  The downside?  The price-tag reflects that too.  I’ve had a quick browse on their website and I don’t think you can buy anything from the range for less than £30.  Ouch!  So, are they worth it?

The Lux Volume Mist is my favourite product of the two I own.  I know I keep raving about the appearance of the bottle but look at it - it’s just so pretty!  Although the heavy lid does keep falling off which is a bit annoying.  I spray this into the roots of my hair when it’s wet before going to town on it with hairdryer.  When I flip my hair back there is a LOT of visible volume.  I like how it’s very much ‘spray and go’ without too much work required.  As a girl who can’t properly blowdry her hair (I don’t use a fancy round brush or a hairdryer nozzle) this is mega important to me.

I also own the Premiere Finishing Spray which is essentially just a hairspray.  I’m not really a hairspray kinda girl as I’m lucky and my hair holds volume quite easily.  I know it’s strange but I never really notice when a hairspray is good, I just notice when it’s really bad and makes your hair feel all sticky.  I think I need to pay more attention to my spraying habits.  My boyfriend however can vouch for the quality of it as he is a bit of a hairspray fiend and uses it religiously to keep his coiffed hair in place.  He says it smells sweet and holds well but me, being the evil witch that I am, won’t let him use it often because it’s expensive and I want it all to myself.  Selfish I know!

Overall, I do think both of these products are very good but you could get something else for half of the eye-watering price tag.  For example, I can achieve the same amount of volume with the L’oreal Elnette Volume Spray if I work with my hair a little more.  And as I’m not 100% passionate about hairspray,  I don’t think I could bring myself to pay this much for a tin of the stuff.  Both are beautiful products if you can afford them but I can’t justify paying the price when I know I can get the same results for a lot less.  I will of course be saving the empties to bring a little bit of class to my dressing table as Show Beauty does get the award for prettiest packaging ever.


Monday, 21 October 2013

Manicure Monday 5: Black Nails & Models Own Ibiza Mix

This has to be one of my favourite nail art looks I’ve ever created.  I use a glossy black nail varnish (anyone will do but make sure you apply two coats) and Models Own Ibiza Mix glitter polish.  Ibiza Mix is my favourite glitter topcoat.  With hues of pink, turquoise, lilac and gold, the light reflects off every fleck of glitter making it look so pretty and sparkly.

I think the glitter works well against the black as it’s such a stark contrast.  It reminds me of fireworks on Bonfire night whizzing through an inky, dark, night sky.  As with most glitter polishes I find the best way to get this to show on your nails is to dab rather than paint it on.  I intensified the glitter towards the end of my nails creating a bit of an ombre effect, which I think works really well.  I’m eager to have a go at recreating this look with other colours.  Watch this space!


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner

I’m forever searching for the product that will help me create the most beautiful, bright, doe-eyed look.  Think Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl when she is gazing longingly in to Chuck’s eyes.  That’s the look I’m aiming for!  I decided to give Rimmel’s Scandaleyes nude eyeliner a go in hope of achieving it...

The consistency of this liner is so soft and creamy and it applies effortlessly to the waterline.  It claims to be waterproof but I doubt it is as it wears off after a couple of hours.  I find myself topping it up throughout the day but I do that with my other make up anyway so a slick of eyeliner is no big deal.  My peepers are instantly brightened by the nude colour which looks a lot more natural than the pure white eyeliners I’ve seen people recommend.  I’ve tried them before and find they look a little unrealistic - something which should be saved for Halloween rather than every day.

At only £3.99 this really is a bargain.  I know a lot of girls must think so too because it took me ages to track it down in Boots.  It was always out of stock!  Although I do like this product, I must admit it doesn’t wow me.  And I do like to be wowed.  I’d happily pay more for something that really impresses me.  Something with a little shimmer in perhaps to really illuminate my eyes.  Any recommendations?


Saturday, 19 October 2013

What I Bought: The Fashion Edition

Red Primark Jumper £14, Black Primark Jumper (£10), Grey Bag (gift), 
Black Primark Chelsea Boots, ASOS Albert Ankle Boots (£40)

I really enjoyed writing about my latest beauty haul last week so thought I would show you what fashion picks I’ve bought lately.  There’s not much to show you, only a few items, but I thought I would share anyway.  

The first item which fits right in with the rest of my Autumn wardrobe is this dark red/berry coloured woolen jumper.  It’s from Primark like most of the items in this post but I think they do knits very well.  Affordable yet decent quality, I will be buying a lot of these type of jumpers in the coming months.  I’ll be wearing this over a buttoned up shirt with slim fit trousers.

Another jumper from Primark but this time a fluffy black number.  I’ve worn this loads already and it featured in one of my outfit posts too (see here).  It’s just so warm and looks great whether it’s paired with jeans or a skirt.  It comes in an array of different colours so I think I’m going to invest in the white one too!

The grey bag was actually a birthday gift but I couldn’t leave it out of this haul as it’s just too gorgeous.  The colour is a true elephant grey and just the right size for my day to day essentials.  I’m a terror when it comes to bags.  I always get stuck in a rut and forget to change up my arm candy so I’m glad this new little love has come along to add some variety.

Oh dear.  Not one but two pairs of black boots.  I think you will agree that they are completely different though and you can never have too many pairs of toasty footwear in the winter can you?!  The chelsea boots are from Primark and were a steal at only £10.  I always worry that I’m not cool enough for this style of boot but the detailing on the toecaps adds a girly touch and suits my style down to the ground.  The second pair are from ASOS and are my favourite thing from this haul by far.  The heel is perfect for adding a bit of height yet comfortable enough to wear all day if you’re on your feet.  A cute pair of frilly socks look great with these boots as you can see them peeking through the cut out sections.  Super cute!

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