Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ardell Natural Style Lashes Black 117

Confession time.  My name is Gemma and I am an eyelash addict.  Dramatic I know but my love for false lashes certainly seems to surpass that of any regular girl and is becoming a bit of an issue for my bank balance.  They’re my item.  You know, that one beauty item that you would opt for above all others if some cruel individual (probably a boy who was clueless about beauty) made you pick only one thing to have for the rest of your life.  It would be a close call between falsies and a favourite lipstick but I think a pair of eyelashes would definitely win.

I know they’re not for everyone and they can look a little fake at times but I think they’re perfect for accentuating your eyes and really making them stand out.  My eyes are quite small and just a regular old boring brown colour so I really rely on a good pair of strip lashes to define them.  I’ve worn them for so long that I just don’t feel like me without them. I don’t feel fully dressed if that makes sense?  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear them every day but I wouldn’t be seen without them on a night out or at a special occasion.  In fact, I think I’d rather stay in than go out with just my natural lashes.  Oh goodness, I’m sounding like such an Essex girl right now but what can I say?  It’s the truth...

Okay so enough of me declaring my love, I wanted to share with you all my latest fake lash buy which has had me all a flutter.  The Ardell 117 artifical eyelashes are my current go-to choice for when I want a natural yet full set of lashes.  They definite the eyes without being too dramatic and definitely guarantee the ‘are they or aren’t they real?’ reaction.  I find them really easy to apply and they blend in perfectly with my natural lashes.

What I love the most about all Ardell lashes is that they feel so light on your eyes.  I often forget that I’m wearing them because unlike some strip lashes, you just can’t feel them.  This pair come with a handy little carry case so you can store them somewhere safe and reuse them again and again!  How thrifty!  I’d definitely suggest you give these a go if you’re just getting into false eyelashes as they’re pretty much foolproof.  Experienced lash wearers, you also need the Ardell 117s in your lash collection.  But if you’re an obsessive like me, I don’t need to tell you that do I?


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  1. They are natural but full at the same time, i really like them - You are a complete pro at appling fake eye lashes i think you have a hidden talent and a not so hidden addiction.




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