Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My January Favourites

January is the month where I really have to try hard to make myself look decent.  I’m often carrying a few pounds from some festive overindulgence, my skin is dry and dull thanks to the freezing cold weather we have (I’m looking at you snow!) and my hair is crying out for some much needed TLC.  It’s times like this that I really rely on my favourite products to get me feeling human again so here’s what I’ve been loving this month:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (£17) - A good moisturiser is a must for combatting winter skin and I’ve been reaching for this whenever my skin feels a little tight.  I wear it both at night and on a morning before I apply my make up to give that well moisturised glow.  It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy which is important if you struggle with excess oil like I sometimes do.  Read my review in full here.

MAC Lipstick in Hue (£14) - Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m obsessed with MAC lipsticks.  I just can’t get enough of them!  Last month I was reaching for the shade Hue a lot.  Hue is a soft pale pink which almost looks nude on the lips.  It’s glaze formula means that it gives a sweep of colour whilst looking very natural and almost glossy, on the lips.  It’s the perfect shade to wear most days when the rest of your make up is pretty neutral.

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil (£6.99) - Another thing that I’m obsessed with: keeping my hair in tip-top condition.  I never really used to care for my hair much when I was younger.  I’d use straighteners without a heat spray and literally drag a brush through it when I couldn’t be bothered to de-tangle it properly, snapping hair as I went.  The thought of this now makes me cringe and I promise you I’m converted.  Hair oils are perfect for nourishing your locks.  Don’t be put off by the word oil - used properly they can really transform your hair.  I’d heard loads about the original Moroccan Oil but was put off by the hefty price tag.  I opted for this cheaper version from Boots and I love it.  I apply it religiously to the midlengths and ends of my hair just after washing it and I can really see the difference.  The nice price tag means it’s cheap enough to try if you’re curious but I can promise you you won’t regret it.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (£13) - You are going to be so sick of me banging on about this product but I just can’t stress enough how good it is.  It’s my product of the month!  It really earned that title for me recently when I had a nasty breakout due to a change in my diet.  I’d started drinking a lot of water every day and spots were popping up all over the place.  La Roche-Posay came to the rescue and cleared up my skin in a couple of days.  I’ll stop now...but if you want to here me rave more about it you can read my full review here.

MAC Blush in Super Continental (£17.50) - This has been my blush of choice this month thanks to the fresh, warm look it gives to my face.  Super Continental is a dark peachy blush which has finely milled glitter running through it.  It brightens my complexion with a couple of sweeps and like most MAC blushers it applies really well.  I’ve just checked online and this colour doesn’t seem to be available anymore (why do you do this MAC?) so I’m going to have to savour it now as I love it!

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover (£4.99) - This little beauty hit the blogosphere back in the Summer and being a sucker for hype, I snapped it up then.  Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover is a polish melting, colour clearing wonder and it really does work.  Simply pop your finger into the sponge inside of the bottle and your varnish is gone in seconds.  It’s acetone free so it’s kind to acrylic nails and includes almond oil to give your nails a little extra nourishment.  As I said, I bought mine in the Summer and it’s not showing any signs of running out yet but when it does dry up, I will 100% repurchase.


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