Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Simple Kind To Eyes Nourishing Eye Make Up Remover Cream

After a long day I like nothing more than coming home and taking off my make up but I hate how pesky mascara is to remove.  I normally opt for liquid eye make up removers but I am yet to find one I completely love.  They’re either too oily, require too much scrubbing, sting my eyes or in some cases, just don’t work.  When I saw Simple’s Nourishing Eye Make Up Remover Cream I thought I’d give it a go as the formula is a little different to what I normally choose.  I’m so pleased I did!

Containing no unnecessary perfumes or colouring, the cream is so much kinder to my eyes and it takes half the amount of time to remove my eye make up.  I use a generous amount on a cotton pad and it melts away make up without applying much pressure.  It even passes my shower test.  ‘Shower test?‘ I here you ask.  Well...do you ever take off your eye make up prior to a shower, get washed (hair, face and all), and then come out with panda eyes because all of your mascara STILL isn’t off?  Well that nearly always happens to me but not after I use this.  This product ensures I don’t step out of the bathroom looking like a small wet bear.

I never usually buy the same eye make up remover twice because I’m always on the lookout for something better but I can guarantee you that I will be re-purchasing this.  It’s my favourite product at the moment as I’m feeling really tired and working lots of extra hours.  Every day I look forward to getting in from work and relieving my heavy eyes and this is just a little dream for helping with that task.  I’d definitely recommend it.  

Anyway, my blog posts may be few and far between due to said extra hours so I’m sorry about that.  I have a relaxing trip to the countryside planned for this weekend and I can’t wait to just chill and do nothing for a few days!  Absolute bliss!  Right, laptop down, time to go remove this mascara...


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