Wednesday, 17 July 2013

GlamGlow SuperMud Mask

I first heard about the GlamGlow SuperMud mask during my nightly browse of Pinterest’s health and beauty pages.  If you’re a lover of the social network site then I’m sure you too will have seen the image of “the nose”.  Smothered in green face mask and dotted with big black pores, it caught my attention and I was intrigued.  Sounds gross doesn’t it?  But that’s definitely the defining feature of this mask.  It sinks into your pores, making them really visible before deeply cleansing and refining them.  Basically, your blackheads should be scared as this product is their worst nightmare.

A word of warning before I tell you how much I love this and get you completely hooked.  This mask is rather expensive for the amount of product that you get.  For £44.99 you can buy a 30ml pot which would give you around 4 - 5 masks if you apply it to your whole face.  At approximately £10ish per application, it is pricey!  Personally, I try to use it sparingly and only apply the mask to my problem areas such as my chin and cheeks, saving a full face treatment for when my skin really needs a bit of TLC.

Although the GlamGlow SuperMud mask does come with a hefty price tag this is a product that really works.  It might not suit everyone but I can vouch that it certainly works wonders for me.  Because of the hype around it, I really couldn’t wait to try it out and so ripped open the packet, applied a thin layer to my whole face, sat back and waited for my pores to show.  As the mask dries, the colour changes from a muddy dark green to a light pale pastel and I got rather excited as my nose began to look like the Pinterest photograph I’d seen so many times.  To my wonder, I started to see pores on top of pores as every imperfection on my face began to show.  I could see pores that I didn’t even know I had!  How many times am I going to say the word pores?!  I did experience a little bit of tingling and tightness as the mask began to dry but even with my sensitive skin I wasn’t worried as it didn’t feel uncomfortable.

When I washed off the mask I was instantly impressed with the results.  I don’t think I’ve used another product where I saw a difference in my complexion so soon.  Every blackhead was gone and my skin looked fresh and glowing.  There was a little bit of redness but it soon faded and I just took this as a a sign that the mask was doing it’s thang!  I know I’d said initially that this is a pricey product but I don’t think you can put a price on results and if something really works, then I’m happy to pay for it.  I can‘t afford to buy this religiously but it will certainly be going on all future Christmas, birthday and other various wish lists. 


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  1. Damn my birthdays just been!!
    My nose and chin looks horrible at the moment desperately need to get my hand on some of this - I may have to wait till Christmas now - so glad you posted about it :)



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