Saturday, 24 August 2013

Indeed Labs Pepta-bright & Hydraluron

Forget Brangelina, I have for you today a brand new power couple that I just can’t get enough of.  Brought to you by Canadian company Indeed Labs, I introduce to you Pepta-bright and Hydraluron.  Recommended by number one skin guru Caroline Hirons, these two products should be at the top of any skincare lover’s wish list.  If you haven’t heard of Caroline Hirons, and I must admit that I only discovered her a few months ago, then this video she filmed with the Pixiwoo sisters is a great introduction to her and her facial favourites.  I’m obsessed with her and her blog Beauty Mouth and the minute so expect many a Hirons reference in my upcoming blog posts.

Pepta-bright is a cream type serum designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin imperfections on your face.  I suffer a lot from scarring and find whenever I have a pimple it takes ages for the mark it leaves to fade away.  In fact, I still have scars from spots I had years ago despite teenage acne being something I’d rather forget thank you.  I’ve been using the serum under my moisturiser for a good few weeks now and have definitely seen an improvement.  My skin looks a lot clearer and those dark marks are slowly but surely going away.

Now where do I start with Hydraluron?  I have so many good things to say about this product.  Again it’s another serum but this time a clear gel which soaks straight into your skin when applied.  It’s packed full of hyaluronic acid which despite sounding quite scary is actually found in the body naturally so is nothing but good for you.  It has hydrating agents which literally take one look at dry skin, then smother it in goodness.  I’ve been using this on my face both morning and night before applying my moisturiser and my skin has never felt so hydrated.  I usually struggle with dry/combination skin but this product has changed all of that.  I find the sensation very strange when I first apply the serum.  It sinks in so fast that my face feels a little tight, almost as if the skin has drank up all of the product.  I’ve heard some people say it stings them a little but I’ve only found it to do so if my skin is broken or open due to a nasty spot.  It’s a big claim to make but I think this is my favourite skincare product to date.

The two products can be used together, Pepta-bright first, then Hydraluron and then your favourite moisturiser but I do think they work equally well used alone.  If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be Hydraulon.  It’s a miracle worker!  It’s Caroline’s favourite too hence the reason it’s sold out online at Boots!  That girl could sell sand to the Egyptians.

Both of these little beauties retail at £29.99 for Pepta-bright and £24.99 for Hydraluron which is a very good price I think.  However, the exciting part is that Boots have up to a third off Indeed Labs products at the moment meaning Pepta-bright is down to £19.99 and Hydraluron an amazing £16.99!!!  I’m ecstatic!  Like I said, it’s sold out online but I will be scouring every Boots in the North East this weekend to make sure I stock up and at that price, I suggest you do too!  Fight you for the last one!


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