Monday, 16 September 2013

Manicure Monday 2: Nails Inc Feathers Effect

Oh no!  I’m such a bad blogger.  I had the best intentions to do a load of posts this last week but once again life kinda got in the way and before I knew it, it was Manicure Monday again!  And rather late in the day too so for that reason I will keep it brief as my bed is calling.

This week I’ve been wearing the Nails Inc Feathers Effect nail varnish in the colour Edinburgh.  As you can see, it’s a textured polish which contains little flecks of peachy-orange and pale blue to create a feathered finish on your nails.  I’ve layered it on top of a baby blue but it would look good on it’s own after two or three coats. 

I love the way this looks but I’m not crazy about the way it feels on my nails.  It’s very rough, even with a top coat, and I found myself just sitting rubbing my nails all day when I should have been busy at work.  It’s also catches on clothing and in strands of hair too which drives me absolutely wild and for that reason I’m putting this on my box of party polishes: perfect for one night outings but not quite weekday material.  Fab if you’re a fan of something a little different but one I can guarantee you will be dying to peel off.


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