Saturday, 30 November 2013

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

I’m hopeless when it comes to applying mascara.  I give the brush a quick wiggle between my lashes and hope for the best but without fail manage to mess up and get it on my skin.  So naturally I’m interested in any product which can help me neaten up my peepers.

With its lightweight wand and minuscule brush head this little offering from Clinique is perfect for getting into the corners of your eyes and under those barely-there bottom lashes.  It both thickens and separates each individual lash, reducing the under eye smudge and creating a crisp, clean look.  It doesn’t flake or run and keep’s it’s colour intensity throughout the day.  This would be great for creating a chic, sixties graphic eye - think Twiggy lashes!

Of course a bottom lash mascara is not entirely essential for your make up bag and I don’t use it everyday but it is a nifty little product for when you can afford to take more time on your eye area.  Not very often for me as I don’t get much time on a daily basis but I love using it when I can as it really opens up my eyes.  And I just can’t get over how cute the packaging is.  It’s just so petite!  The perfect stocking filler for any beauty lover this Christmas I think.


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