Monday, 20 January 2014

Debauchery in Dublin

  Dress - Topshop | Shoes - ASOS | Watch - Michael Kors | Lipstick - MAC Dark Side

I have that Sunday night feeling but it’s Monday.  I’m so confused right now.  Having just returned from an awesome weekend in Dublin with the girls I’m feeling a tad worse for wear yet very content.  You know the kind of weekend where memories are made and you laugh from start to finish?  This was one of them!  There to celebrate a friends birthday, we were determined to not let the wind and rain dampen our spirits and made sure we constantly had a cocktail in hand or were doing some sort of activity which filled us with glee i.e. shopping!

The girls looked so glam on the night that I just had to grab my camera and take a few quick snaps.  I then had the idea to do a mini fashion feature starring each one of them and their gorgeous outfits.  I’m going to post one each night this week so if you’re looking for a bit of dress-spiration then make sure to check back.  They were all pros in front of the camera and I’m sure you will all agree they looked gorge.

First things first: my outfit!  As it’s January No Money Month I decided to re-wear the outfit I wore for my office Christmas party.  I was disappointed I didn’t get any photographs of this last time so I’m pleased I could re-wear and share.  I love the colour and think it was perfect for the occasion as Ireland is very green!  The high neck collar and top section overlapping material make it a little more interesting and I felt wearing my hair up would show off the dress a little more.  And on that note...why does effortless, messy look hair take SO MUCH EFFORT?!  To achieve this look I had to backcomb all of my hair, add my hair extensions and then attempt the impossible task of getting it all in a hair bobble.  I’m not exaggerating when I say it took two of us to make it look half decent.  And it took even longer to take back out!  Please tell me I’m not the only girl who has this problem?

Anyway, my bed is calling me.  It’s time I caught up on some much needed sleep ready for work tomorrow.  I’ll be back tomorrow for my first installment of Fashion With Friends.  See you then :)


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