Sunday, 5 January 2014

Disco pants and denim

 Top - Primark | Jacket - Primark | Disco Pants - American Apparel | Shoes - Topshop | Bag - Topshop | Watch - Michael Kors | Lipstick - MAC Russian Red

Well hello there and welcome to my first blog post of 2014!  Actually, it’s my first blog post in a long, long time.  I’ve kinda fell off the blogging wagon lately having got caught up in the busyness of the festive period and life in general, but I have missed it and I feel so happy to be sitting behind the keyboard once more.  As usual you can expect a lot of beauty related posts from me this year but I’m also going to try and write a lot more fashion and lifestyle ramblings.  Starting with todays outfit of the day or OOTD for all you abbreviation lovers...

I’ve done nothing else today other than have a long lie in and then go to my parents’ house for a lovely roast dinner to celebrate my Dad’s birthday.    The disco pants were a bad choice after a big lunch but I do think they went well with my new top and jacket, which were a pair of Primark bargains.  The denim jacket with wooly lining reminds me of this one from Topshop but it’s a lot more purse-friendly of course.  I know it’s far too early to be thinking about spring but I can see this being a good transition piece in the warmer months.  My shoes are the highlight of this outfit and I know I will wear them a lot.  The lion head embellishment is very chic I think and goes well against the patent leather.  Comfort plus style equals my kind of shoe!

Currently I’m suffering a serious case of ‘round face’ after totally letting myself go this Christmas and so I’m using red lipstick as welcome distraction.  Red lippy always brightens up my complexion so it’s an essential for me whenever I’m feeling a bit sluggish.  My healthy eating regime starts again tomorrow and I’m looking forward to seeing the effects  the vitamin-filled veg and plenty of water will have on my skin.  Right now, I’m on a mission to finish the box of leftover chocolate biscuits whilst I still can.  It would be rude not too wouldn’t it?


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