Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Velcro Sleep Rollers

Velcro Sleep Rollers - £17.95

Throughout my quest for big, voluminous hair I'm always looking for new quick and easy ways to give my hair some life.  I've used velcro rollers for about 6 years now and personally find them to be really effective for my type of hair.

When I heard about Sleep Rollers I knew I had to give them a go.  Created by a company in Liverpool, the city who made velcro rollers fashionable, the rollers retail at £17.95, which is a very reasonable price.  For this price you get 2 packs of 10 rollers and a drawstring bag to store them in. If I'm being picky, I'm not keen on the font on the packaging but it doesn't take away from the product at all.

Unlike regular velcro rollers, the centre of the Sleep Rollers are made of sponge, making them squash down when pressure is applied so they're easier to sleep in.  I've tried to sleep in regular velcro rollers before and it's not easy.  I can manage a quick disco nap at the most but a full night's sleep is out of the question so you can imagine my joy at finding Sleep Rollers.  I find them comfortable and easy to sleep in and they sort of act like extra cushioning for your head.  If you haven't worn rollers much in the past then you may find the general feeling a little awkward but it's something you can get used to I think.

I put my rollers in when my hair is damp and secure them with a kirby grip.  I give them a quick blast with the hairdryer just before bed and then leave them to dry overnight.  When I wake up, I give them one more go with the hairdryer to make sure they are all dry and then finish with a quick squirt of hairspray.  I take them out, give my hair a shake and then another spritz of hairspray et voila, I'm done!

I really love my Sleep Rollers and they're now my 'go to' rollers, even if I'm not sleeping in them!  If you love big hair but hate the fuss, then these are perfect for you.


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