Thursday, 7 March 2013

Escape to the country

So as I said a few posts ago, my life is pretty hectic at the minute.  I’m working none stop so I can build up some extra hours and a little extra money for my next trip to London at the end of April (beyond excited btw!).  When I’m not working I’m doing my best to keep in the loop with my family and friends so they don’t think I’ve fallen off the edge of the earth.  Finding the time to think about blogging, never mind actually posting, has been almost impossible so apologies if you read often and were wondering where I’ve been!

Trying to find that perfect work/life balance was proving difficult for me and so I decided it was time to have some ‘me’ time.  My boyfriend’s parents’ own a little home-from-home, lodge-style cabin about 40 minutes away from where we live.  It’s tucked away in the country, with not much around so we both decided to retreat there for a few days.  We packed the car full of yummy, naughty food, loads of comfy clothes, a stack of DVDs and off we went.  We hid indoors whilst the rat-race went on without us and became absolutely addicted to Downton Abbey.  Yes I know I’m behind the times with this one but I’m almost caught up.  Isn’t Lady Sybil just fabulous?

On the rare occasion we did venture out, I decided to put on some decent clothes other than my work attire I’d been wearing constantly.  I was given this jumper by my bf’s nana who doesn’t wear it anymore.  Being a fan of ‘granny-chic’, it’s now one of my favourite jumpers and I love wearing it over leggings for a super comfortable, relaxed outfit.  I dressed it up with a little red lipstick (you can always depend on a little rouge to brighten up an outfit) and put my hair up as it needed a wash.  I was complimented by two grannies whilst out and about who quizzed me on where my jumper was from.  They were a little crestfallen when I said it was bought years ago.  Us girls know the feeling all too well don’t we?

I wore this outfit when we went for Sunday dinner and a walk around Alnwick town.  This is my usual everyday look i.e. something I would wear to go shopping, which I did of course when I noticed they had a Dorothy Perkins in their small town.  Can’t go wrong with a bit of Dotty P’s can you?  I’m so pleased I looked in as I found myself a bargain coat for ten pound.  Ten.  Pound.  I couldn’t not buy it.  I will probably share it on my blog soon as the weather chance to remain crap enough for me to get some wear out of it before Summer comes along.  

Me and Adam couldn’t resist doing our take on this super-cute couple’s signature photograph style which got them in the papers this week.  If you haven’t seen them, they take their pictures as below with the girl dragging her boyfriend around some of the World’s most exotic locations, resulting in some amazing holiday snaps.  Naturally, being the greedy guts that I am, I’m dragging him to Greggs!  

And there you have it!  A relaxing weekend Gemma Cloughton style!  I hope you are all well and are having a lovely start to March :) I’m STILL working loads but doing my best to keep myself sane.  Hopefully it won’t be long before I blog again but until I do...


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