Tuesday, 23 April 2013

They won't lose you!

 Jumper - Boohoo
Jeans - Topshop
Shirt - ASOS
Shoes - Next
Bag - Primark
Necklace & Ring - Primark

I’ve had this jumper in my wardrobe for some time now and it’s just been hanging there, positively glowing and begging to be worn.  I needed a special occasion to wear this for the first time and decided it would be perfect for my trip to York with the girls from work.  Now lets state the obvious as many random people did throughout the day: this jumper is very, very, very bright!  Yes, three verys!  And as Saturday was a glorious sunshiney day the rays reflected off the wool and made it look even brighter.  This is the kind of colour that radiates onto other people’s faces, bathing them in fluorescent light too.  I feel sorry for whichever poor little nana knit this - I hope she was wearing shades!  But hey, neon is big this season right?  And I’m not one to do things by half.

My jeans are new and from Topshop.  I hate shopping for jeans because I’m such a short ass with a big ass and can never find anything which fits both but I think these Jamie jeans come pretty close!  I tried them on in both petite and regular sizes and was surprised to find the non-petite pair felt better.  The girl in Topshop said a lot of girls say that and often comment on the petite jeans feeling a bit too small even though the leg length is supposed to be the only difference.  Do you girls think the same?

Anyway, I had such an awesome weekend away with some of my favourite people doing some of my favourite things...shopping, drinking, eating, dancing, you get the picture!  The little bit of sun we had has me feeling very excited for summertime where pretty much every weekend will consist of doing all of those things.  I used to think I was more of a Winter girl but there’s something about Summer 2013 that already feels a little bit different.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one...


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