Monday, 17 December 2012

Bourjois Paris Express Eye Make Up Remover

I have as much trouble removing my eye make-up as I do perfecting it.  I’m paranoid about getting wrinkles so when it comes to cleansing my eyes I like to do as little rubbing as possible, which for me means finding a product that dissolves make up without applying too much pressure.  Bourjois Paris Express Eye Make Up Remover is a two phase formula: phase one (the blue liquid) contains oil components which remove even waterproof mascara and phase two (the clear liquid) is water based and designed to leave your peepers feeling fresh.  

This product claims to work in ‘one swipe’ of a pad but it does take a little more work than that.  I found that soaking two pads with the liquid and letting them rest on the eyes for a little worked best.  Overall, it did a good job of removing my mascara.  I think £4.99 is a great price for this product.  It lasted me two months and I used it almost every day.  You may have a little trouble finding this in the skincare aisle as in most Boots and Superdrug stores they keep it on the Bourjois make up stand.  Also, another word of warning, be careful when opening the bottle.  I was a little too forceful with the plastic ball on the top and it snapped off, leaving it almost impossible to open without breaking a nail!


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