Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I heart Grazia

At the beginning of November I had the opportunity to spend three fabulous weeks at Grazia HQ, interning on the beauty desk.  I'm an aspiring writer trying to make it in the magazine world so was extremely excited at the thought of going to the big city to work for a big mag.  Being my first ever internship I had no idea what to expect but I had a fantastic experience and would definitely recommend doing an internship to anyone wanting to get into the fashion/beauty/magazine industry.  I know there's a great debate over unpaid internships and exploitation but I can honestly say money couldn't buy the knowledge and contacts I gained during my time at the magazine.  Yes it's hard work, unpaid hard work at that, but it's the best and probably only way to show your dedication to potential

I learnt the 'interning basics' during my first few days.  'Calling in products' and 'pricing items' felt like foreign phrases for me at first but after a couple of days I was well in the swing of it.  The girls on the beauty desk were super nice and made me feel really welcome.  I worked on the magazine during the mega important Cheryl Cole cover shoot so it was very hectic and really sink or swim for a newbie like me but I think I managed to keep my head above water.  I had other admin tasks such as answering the phone and organising press releases and I was lucky enough to do some writing for the website too which was great.  Plus, I got to spend time in Aladdin's cave, known formally as the beauty cupboard.  Imagine a room where the walls are lined from floor to ceiling with boxes upon boxes of beauty products.  Everything you could ever need was in there: foundations, eyeliners, nail varnish, shampoo, creams, lotions, potions and god's gift to all women...lipstick!  Imagine my excitement when I was allowed to pick some items to keep on my last day.  I came away with a box full of goodies which I'm going to review for you all.  It's mostly stuff that I haven't tried before so it might not necessarily be brand new but it's all new to me and I hope you find my posts useful.

So, to sum up, if you are someone who is looking to intern and maybe having reservations about it, my advice would be to go for it.  You would be absolutely crazy not too!  Before I went I was feeling uninspired about my career, having graduated with my degree and not yet doing anything with it, but my internship has really cemented my goal to work in magazines and now to work in beauty.  I can't wait to line up my next internship and get back down to London!  Life definitely seemed a little more colourful down there and it wasn't just because of all that make up.


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