Monday, 10 December 2012

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

Sometimes I find myself in a bit of a make-up rut.  If I come across something I like I stick to it, hence the reason I've used the same foundation since I was 16.  I'd been ever faithful to L'oreal Infallible but following many months of denial and picture after picture of my make up looking 'a bit iffy', I accepted the fact I needed a change.  I can't pinpoint what was wrong with L'oreal Infallible other than the fact it just didn't suit my skin anymore.  It was time to look for something new and so the hunt for the perfect foundation began.

I decided my first stop would be my favourite make up brand and after many recommendations from friends and beauty blogs, I settled on MAC Studio Fluid Fix in NW20.  At £20.50 for 30ml it was almost twice the price of what I was currently paying for my base but I'd pay double again for the perfect product.  I was matched by one of the counter girls and happily skipped away thinking my foundation woes were over.  I was wrong.  Before this post starts to get really negative I want to say that I do LOVE the way this foundation looks on my skin.  It's a great colour match (well done counter girl) and makes my skin look fresh and bright.  I only needed a few pumps to achieve full coverage and it was great at covering blemishes and imperfections.  Imagine my disappointment when I realised a few weeks down the line that it was the foundation itself that was causing said spots and pimples.  In fact, it was completely breaking me out!  I've had breakouts in the past but have never been able to pinpoint the cause to a specific product.  This time, it was undoubtedly the foundation so I had no other choice but to stop using it.

Reading a few forums online, it seems as though I'm not the only person to have had issues with this product.  My skin for reference is combination and can get a little sore during the colder months but I wouldn't say it was particularly sensitive.  Since I've stopped using it my face has cleared a little but it's not completely back to normal yet.  It's so disappointing because breakout aside I really liked this product and wouldn't want to put anyone off buying it.  Instead, I would recommend asking for a 7 day sample first just to be sure you're skin is okay before fully committing to buying.  I know that's what I will be doing in future as the search for my perfect foundation continues.


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