Friday, 29 March 2013

It's all white on the night

Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Unknown (borrowed from Joanne)
Joanne’s top - Topshop

White is a colour I don’t wear all too often with me being naturally quite pale, but when I saw my friend wearing this dress I knew I just had to borrow it from her, regardless of the risks of a white-out.  This little gem can be found in Topshop and is perfect for this transitional period where we are changing seasons.  It’s pretty but isn’t too ‘Summery’ which could look rather silly during this awful extended Winter we are having.  I paired it with some black shoes boots and an over-shoulder bag so it fits in quite nicely with the monochrome trend I’m loving.

I think what really sets off this dress is my golden tan, which came from a bottle of course.  I’ve found a tan that I really love and I’m going to review it in full for you all soon.  Be warned - you may just have to purchase it!  It has me hooked on the fake stuff once more and I think without it, I would probably have blended into the wall behind me.  Not a good look.

I wore this outfit last Saturday for a night on the tiles with my best friend Joanne.  We had one of those nights where we get ready together from scratch and take ten times longer because we can’t stop drinking/gossiping/dancing around the room.  I think sometimes the whole getting ready part is actually better than our time spent out on the town.  We’re doing the same again on Sunday this week and I’m really looking forward to buying a load of alcoholic beverages, putting on some cheesy tunes on and laughing so much we need to re-do our make up.  That’s what bank holidays are all about if you ask me...


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