Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Original Tangle Teezer

The first Tangle Teezer I ever saw was being used by my friend's little girl to tame her unruly curls.  Despite being impressed by it's innovative design and bright colour, I wrote it off as a product designed for children and thought no more about it.  My next encounter came during my Grazia internship where I discovered all of the beauty girls were obsessed and had one, if not two, each.  Taking their expert advice, Tangle Teezers were back on my radar and when my hairdresser used a very sleek black one to de-tangle my wet locks, I knew it was about time to invest in one for myself.

Created by award winning hairdresser Shaun P, the initial aim for the Tangle Teezer was to smooth and tame hair without breaking or snapping it.  I'm obsessed with preventing split ends and just about break down in tears if I hear a hair snap or if I accidentally pull out any hair.  My boyfriend once got some of my hair caught in his watch in the middle of a supermarket and it didn't end well, let's put it that way.  I've noticed a real change in my hair since using my Tangle Teezer and I no longer dread brushing my hair.  It used to be a massive ordeal as my hair gets extremely tatty and knotted for some reason whenever I wear it down but now I quite enjoy it.  Unlike a normal comb or brush, the teeth are evenly spaced and a lot more flexible so it's not too harsh on your hair.

In true girly style I opted for the pink one but there are so many colours available in the range so there is something for everyone.  They have some really cool compact ones which fit perfectly in your handbag, they have an expensive-looking chic gold one and they have a one especially designed for use in water - I'm thinking this would be perfect to use whilst shampooing after a backcombing session - definitely my next purchase!  After adding the nifty Tangle Teezer to my hair routine, I can see why the Grazia girls can’t just stop at one!


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