Friday, 11 January 2013

Jergen’s Deep Conditioning Oatmeal Body Cream

There’s nothing better than getting out of a nice bath and lathering yourself in body cream.  I normally use Soap and Glory’s Righteous Butter but I ran out (probably due to overuse) and so gave this product a go instead.  Jergens Deep Conditioning Oatmeal Body Cream is dreamy.  It’s light and airy but leaves skin feeling thoroughly moisturised.  I apply it after every bath/shower without fail and my skin has never felt softer.  

I know a lot of people skip the full body moisturising step as they don’t like to feel sticky but it really is important to add moisture to all of your skin, not just your face.  It doesn’t feel sticky after applying (which puts a lot of people off) but sinks into skin quickly, nourishing and restoring as it goes.  I’ve had it on good word that this product smells delicious. “Almost a bit like a coconut yoghurt” my boyfriend said and his nose works and mine doesn’t so I’d take his word for it.  Smell or no smell, this product works a treat on my dry winter skin and even though Santa replenished my Soap and Glory stock I’m sticking with Jergens for now.


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