Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year at Butlin's - NYE Take One

Shoes - Topshop (old)

New Year’s Eve always warrants a spectacular party dress doesn’t it?  That’s what I thought but after about two minutes of wearing this outfit at a family based holiday park, I felt extremely overdressed.  I don’t think there’s anything particularly promiscuous about this outfit but for me, there’s a lot more flesh on show than normal.  Knowing I would feel uncomfortable if I wore this all night I soon got changed.

That’s not to say I don’t love this dress though because I do!  I wore it for my work’s Christmas party and felt amazing.  The party was prom themed and this dress definitely fits that bill with it’s pretty neckline and sweet little bows.  After the party a lot of people asked where the dress was from so lots of compliments too.  If you do like it, it’s now in the ASOS sale for a fantastic £17.50 so I would definitely recommend a purchase.

I was rather gutted that I couldn’t wear this dress for NYE but comfort is really important to me.  If I don’t feel comfortable I don’t feel confident and confidence is vital to making an outfit look good (cheesy but true!).  It was just a case of right dress, wrong time.  Read my next post for NYE Outfit Take Two.


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