Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tell me about it...stud

Disco Pants - American Apparel
Body - Oh My Love at Asos
Shoes - Carvela
Wig - eBay
Earrings - Borrowed from Katie
Nails - Essie Snap Happy

Well here’s one way of wearing disco pants!  Last night I went to my friend’s movie themed birthday party dressed as the one and only, Queen of the disco pants, Sandy from Grease.  I’ve loved this film ever since watching it practically every day as a child and jumped at the chance to have a go at recreating the ‘sexy, post-makeover Sandy’ look.

I already had the trousers so only had to buy the top and wig.  The top is actually a bodysuit from Oh My Love at Asos and it’s a fab quality but sadly I don’t think I will be wearing it again.  I felt very ‘on show’ shall we say, which is fine when trying to emulate Sandy’s promiscuous side but I’m usually a lot more conservative.  The wig was from eBay and a bit more Marilyn than Sandy if you ask me but it did the job and definitely cemented the fact that I should never go blonde!

A great night was had by all and I’m painfully paying for it today.  I haven’t drank all month/year so I feel well and truly shattered after a night on the tiles.  Just had my regular Sunday night curry to sort me out so I feel almost normal again.  I wasn’t going to post this outfit as it’s not fashionable and is frankly just a little bit silly but then I thought why not?  This is the place to post what I wear - fancy dress and all other things weird and wonderful - and it might give someone some inspiration if they’re looking for a similar sort of costume.  I hope you like it and hope you all had a fun-filled weekend!  I’m off to go laze with an equally hungover Danny Zuko.  The hand-jiving has worn me out.


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