Saturday, 29 June 2013

L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim

I’m still struggling to perfect the winged cat-liner look.  It looks amazing on so many people and I really want to learn how to get it right but no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch or how many times I practice, I still don’t get it right every time.  However, one thing that has helped me get better with it is the L’Oreal Paris Superliner Perfect Slim liquid eyeliner.  Wasn’t that a mouthful?  After many recommendations I picked this up in Superdrug and although I’m not completely blown away by it, it is a good product and worth a mention.

The best thing about this liner has to be the nib.  It’s really thin which allows you to get very close to the inner corner of your eye and create neat clean lines.  It gets wider towards the base so you can draw thicker lines by applying different pressures and holding the pen different ways.  The liner as a whole is very similar to a felt tip pen so it’s really easy to simply draw the line onto your eye as you would if you were colouring in.  Well, maybe with a little more caution.  

The colour payoff is pretty good and it stays a true black throughout the course of the day unlike some liquid eyeliners where the colour fades to grey.  The only issue I have with this liner is that it sometimes transfers to the crease of my eye and it doesn’t rub off easily.  This is probably due to my eyes being quite deep set and not the product itself as it doesn’t budge otherwise.  The Superliner has definitely helped me with my retro flick technique so if you struggle like me I would give it a go.  I’m not quite there yet however so any other product or technique suggestions are very welcome!


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