Sunday, 2 June 2013

Old becomes new

 Jumpsuit - ASOS (very old)
Necklace & bangles - Primark
Shoes - Very
Bag - Next

It’s most disappointing when you have your heart set on a dress and it doesn’t work out the way that you planned.  Either too big, too small, too revealing or just not fabulous enough, this week after a long search, I was left with three dresses to return and nothing else to wear the night before my work’s annual summer BBQ.  I say nothing else to wear but like most girls, I do have a wardrobe wardrobes packed full of clothes that I could re-wear but don’t want to.  I like to buy something new for special occasions but after trying and failing to find something that I loved, I was forced to delve into the wardrobe ‘Narnia-style’ and find something old which I could make look new again.

This is what I plucked out.  A white, cheesecloth jumpsuit from ASOS which has been a favourite of mine for many years now.  It always comes on holiday with me because it looks great towards the end of trip when I’m sporting a golden tan.  It’s full length with gathered bottoms which are tight around the ankles however I pulled the legs up so it looked a little different to how I normally wear it.  I love how big and baggy the legs of this jumpsuit are although they can be a little impractical at times.  I was getting out of the taxi, after a few cocktails might I add, and I caught the heel of my shoe in the fabric and it pulled the whole jumpsuit down around my waist.  Amazingly nobody else saw so I was spared a lot of embarrassment but it was definitely one of my ‘not-so-chic‘ moments.  Paired with my new favourite shoes (which I just can’t take off) and a bright bag, I think it makes for a rather nice summertime outfit.  Thankfully we did have some sun yesterday - imagine wearing this in the pouring rain?!  Not a good luck.

This outfit has made me realise that I don’t ALWAYS need to have something new to wear and with a little bit of effort, some new accessories and a nice bouncy blowdry, you can reinvent any outfit.  I’ve saved money too which means I can spend twice as much on my next shopping trip.  That is how it works right?


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