Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nourish Protect Hydrating Moisturiser

Nourish is a skincare brand which has only recently popped up on my radar.  I hadn’t heard of the brand or knew much about it until I interned on the Vogue beauty desk and was lucky enough to pick up the Nourish Protect Hydrating Moisturiser.  I can safely say this has fast become my ‘moisturiser of the moment‘, a very big claim for me if I do say so myself.  It’s surprisingly light and non-greasy for a cream which penetrates and hydrates dry skin so well.  After a few uses of this product I instantly noticed a difference in my skin, especially on the drier areas such as my nose and forehead.  My face looked fresh and rejuvenated and before I knew it I was hooked and need to find out more about the Nourish range.   

The nature lovers behind the brand strive to bring us skin and body products made from natural, organic, kind-to-skin ingredients.  The Hydrating Moisturiser in particular is 84% organic and is bursting full of orange and mandarin oils and plenty of vitamin C, which explains why my face looks brighter whenever I use it.  The label has cute sketchy drawings of orange segments that hint at the subtle citrus fragrance of the cream, which is very refreshing on a morning.

Free from nasty chemicals such as paraben, silicone and unnecessary colourings, all of which the skin doesn’t need, Nourish aim to make nothing but lovely stuff to put on our faces.  There are four different ranges to choose from, all designed with different skin types in mind.  They are Relax for sensitive skin, Balance for combination skin, Radiance for normal skin and then of course the Protect range for dry skin which is home to the Hydrating Moisturiser.  Generally I would say my skin is combination so I’ve been eyeing up some products in the Balance range but I’ve been using this cream all over my face and haven’t found it to be too heavy so I think the Protect line works well for me too.  I apply this to my face every morning before my primer and make up and it keeps my skin hydrated all day without looking oily or shiny.

As I didn’t pay for this product I had no idea how much it cost.  Based purely on how well it works for my skin, I was expecting to find Nourish to be a really high-end, expensive brand so imagine my surprise when I discovered that this 50ml jar costs only £14.95!  I couldn’t believe it!  I thought I’d fallen in love with a product that was going to set me back at least £40 - £50 every time I needed to repurchase but joys of joys, it’s really affordable.  I’m very impressed.  A skincare range that really works and doesn’t break the bank.  Nourish, you have yourself a new fan.


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