Sunday, 9 June 2013

MAC Neon Orange Lipstick

MAC’s All About Orange collection is now available in stores and wow, there’s so much love for it!  I thought the colour orange would be something that most people would shy away from but it seems a lot of people are feeling rather brave and embracing it.  And why not?  It’s such a gorgeous collection.  How are we supposed to resist?  I’ve already reviewed the Sweet & Sour lipstick, a peachy, cutesy orange which I’m obsessed with, but here’s a little something on the opposite end of the orange spectrum for you.  

Neon Orange is a super bright shade which really packs a punch.  Probably not for the faint hearted, this colour screams ‘look at me‘ whilst staying classy and remaining very wearable.  If I’m being honest I don’t think neon is the right word to describe this colour.  Looking at other MAC lipsticks, I would say the likes of ‘Show Orchid’ or ‘Candy Yum Yum‘ were truer neon shades.  I think this is a very, very bright orange but I know that doesn’t sound half as good for a lipstick name so I can see why MAC went with what they did.  The amplified formula means that the colour applies opaque to the lips in one or two slicks and is very rich.  Despite being so pigmented I find it still leaves a trace of gloss which feels really moisturising.  There’s nothing worse than when you love the colour of a lipstick but it really dries your lips out.  

I know there’s a lot of comparisons currently being made between this and MAC’s cult shade Morange but I haven’t tried the latter so I can’t comment yet.  Morange is on my lust list so I shall give you my two cents on the matter once I’ve tried it out.  I’m in no rush though because Neon Orange is fulfilling all of my ‘loud orange lipstick’ needs right now.  I wore it one night last week to help change my outfit from day to night and it instantly picked me up.  My face looked brighter and even my teeth looked a little whiter.  The things a little bit of lipstick can do eh?  Amazing!  Another fabulous offering from the All About Orange collection!  


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