Friday, 25 October 2013

Back to Butlins!

Today is an exciting one for me as I’m off to one of my favourite places on Earth (Butlins) with my favourite people on Earth (my family!)  We usually make this trip to Butlins Skegness every year but for one reason or another we’ve not been since 2010 so it’s safe to say I’m rather excited.

Some people don’t really get holiday camps in the UK.  Some believe they are still stuck in the 1950s with over-friendly Redcoats and ‘the nicest knees’ competitions as your only entertainment but I can assure you they are nothing like that.  As a child, I always holidayed in the UK and some of my fondest memories are from my time at places like Butlins and Pontins.  That’s why I enjoy going back because as soon as I drive through those gates I’m transported back to being 7 years old again.  Obviously I don’t partake in the same activities now as I did then - imagine how awkward it would be to see a 24 year old woman race onto the stage to win a balloon animal - but I have fun all the same. 

I can’t wait for a few days away from regular life, spending some quality time with my family.  We have a new addition to the family this year in the form of my gorgeous baby nephew so I can’t wait to see him enjoy his first holiday.  For those who have been keeping up with my Blogtober challenge fear not as I have scheduled posts for you to read whilst I’m away.  I hope you enjoy them.  Have a great weekend everyone!  I know I will :) 


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