Monday, 28 October 2013

Manicure Monday 6: OPI I Theodora You & Silver Glitter

Happy Manicure Monday to you all!  I did originally have some Halloween nail art planned for today’s post but I’ve just returned home from my weekend away, sat down to do it and realised I didn’t have time.  Good nail art takes a lot of patience and because I rushed it turned out as one big smudgy mess.  Cue me digging into my ‘nail shots’ archive for something I could show you all today.  Thank the lord for random ‘claw hand’ snapping.

I Theodora You is a cutesy pink nail varnish from OPI’s Oz The Great and Powerful collection.  A beautiful sheer shade, this takes about 3 - 4 coats to become opaque but does look just as good as a barely there mani or as part of a French polish.  Although I loved the way it looked on my nails I felt it need a little more sparkle and so added a dot of silver glitter polish just a smidgen away from my cuticle area.  It’s a grown up way to do glitter.

How do you guys find the wearing time with OPI polishes?  I was rather disappointed when this chipped just two days later.  I wasn’t sure if this could be down to the number of coats I had layered up but even so I expect a little more from a higher priced polish.  Regardless of that I have to admit it is a lovely colour and I’m longing for this on my nails right now over the green and black mess I’m currently rocking.  Must go remove!  Hope you guys have better look with your Halloween nail art!



  1. I've got a white OPI polish and it takes literally about 5/6 coats to become opaque and it chipped the day after. I really don't worth the quality matches with the price tag! xx

    1. I'm really not impressed! I expected a lot more for the price! I find it's the same with some Essie polishes too! You can't beat a good old Barry M!

      GC xx


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