Sunday, 6 October 2013

Dr Bronner’s Magic Peppermint Organic Balm

One of the indicators that Winter is well and truly on it’s way: chapped lips.  First it’s the tingling, then the burning sensation and before you know it your pout is in full on flake mode.  Not a pretty sight and something your rich but unforgiving lipsticks love to accentuate.

I’ve been counteracting this seasonal change with Dr Bronner’s Magic Peppermint Organic Balm.  As a big fan of Dr Bronner’s products, especially his 18-in-1 castile soaps which I reviewed here, I just had to pick this up when I saw it.  It’s moisturising yet really light, a similar texture to Vaseline but a lot thinner.  The peppermint flavour is really refreshing and medicinal so you can feel it working.  As the tin says, you can also use this all over your body.  I rub it into my dry elbows and around my cuticles and apparently it can even be used on tattoos to brighten them a little.  I don’t have any tattoos so can’t put this one to the test for you but I’d be interested to know if it worked.

Personally, I love this style of packaging but I know there’s a of people who finds pots of product unhygienic with the whole dipping your finger in and out malarky.  If you feel that way too then don’t fret as the balm also comes in a stick version too.  Everyone’s a winner!  


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