Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara

I’ve not tried many of Soap and Glory’s make up products and I’m not really sure why?  I suppose I believed they do such a good job of making sweet, smelly things that they weren’t going to be masters of make up too.  But I was wrong and it was their nifty Thick & Fast mascara that changed my mind.  It came as part of my big bumper S&G gift-set (the one that’s reduced to half price in Boots a couple of weeks before Christmas) and I only started to use it when I realised I was all out of my favourite mascara and hadn’t yet bought a replacement.

Although I didn’t originally buy this mascara, it is certainly one that I would now purchase.  My lashes look both thicker and longer after just a couple of coats of the stuff and it’s dramatic, yet wearable at the same time.  The formula is great as it doesn’t clog or clump my lashes together and most importantly, it doesn’t start to run down my face midday, leaving me completely unaware of my panda eyes.  The wand is your typical sort of bristle-brush: tapered at the end to make applying to the inner corners of your eyes a lot easier, yet big enough to really give your lashes some lift.

Soap and Glory have really gone back to basics with this mascara and I personally think that’s the reason it really works.  They’re not making any wild claims or promising anything innovative and even the packaging is just a straight up and down simple mascara tube but they’ve focused on making a great product on the inside.  Thick & Fast might not be life-changing and you probably won’t want to rush out and buy it straight away, but if, like me, you have this tucked away in your collection somewhere, it’s definitely worth a try.


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