Monday, 21 October 2013

Manicure Monday 5: Black Nails & Models Own Ibiza Mix

This has to be one of my favourite nail art looks I’ve ever created.  I use a glossy black nail varnish (anyone will do but make sure you apply two coats) and Models Own Ibiza Mix glitter polish.  Ibiza Mix is my favourite glitter topcoat.  With hues of pink, turquoise, lilac and gold, the light reflects off every fleck of glitter making it look so pretty and sparkly.

I think the glitter works well against the black as it’s such a stark contrast.  It reminds me of fireworks on Bonfire night whizzing through an inky, dark, night sky.  As with most glitter polishes I find the best way to get this to show on your nails is to dab rather than paint it on.  I intensified the glitter towards the end of my nails creating a bit of an ombre effect, which I think works really well.  I’m eager to have a go at recreating this look with other colours.  Watch this space!


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