Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Oh what a jolly holiday...

Just arrived and feeling hyper / Grandma brought too many Potnoodles / Our favourite evening hang-out / It’s Harr-eh! / Millions in my drink / Arty photograph by the little bro / And again - quack! / Hungover and needing a Coke / Let’s go to the beach / Oh dear / Oh dear oh dear / Smiles for Butlin’s

I’m back from my mini-break to Butlin’s and just had to post about the good time I had.  My weekend was none stop and we did all sorts of fun things including mini-golf (I lost), laser quasar, swimming, bowling, go-karting, etc.  You name it and we did it!  Throw in a copious amount of alcohol and you have the recipe for a great weekend.

I originally planned to do some outfit posts whilst I was away and took my camera with me but I’ve been putting so much time into my blog for my Blogtober challenge that I decided I’d give myself a well earned rest instead.  I took photos of novelty oversized beach equipment instead of lipstick.  It was refreshing!

Memories were made and the weekend was full of giggles.  I wouldn’t want to bore you all with the ins and outs of private family jokes so I will leave you with some photos instead - most of which were taken by my teenage brother who became quite the photographer over the weekend.  

Enjoy and I will be back tomorrow with a beauty related post!  Things have been getting very ‘life-y’ over here on my blog but I must admit I do like reading these types of posts from other bloggers so hopefully you will too!


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