Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Bourjois’ Magic Nail Polish Remover has been blogged about since time began.  I almost didn’t offer my two cents on this product as what I’m about to say is probably nothing new but I decided I love it too much not to mention it.  And you never know, there may be someone out there who’s living under a rock who still hasn’t heard about this miracle worker.

The concept is nothing new.  It’s basically a sponge with a hole in the middle, jammed inside a little plastic pink pot and filled with nail polish remover.  I remember having something similar by another brand years ago but the results were rubbish.  That’s why I had my doubts about the Bourjois version but after reading too many good reviews, I succumbed and gave it a shot.  It’s now the only thing I used to remove my nail polish.

Okay so it takes longer than one second to work and even longer if you’re wearing a pesky glitter polish but overall the results are fab.  Removing nail polish has never been quicker and I like how my nails not only feel cleansed but moisturised afterwards too.  Acrylic wearers can fear not as the formula is acetone free so won’t damage your nails.  Boots currently have a 2 for £7 offer on Bourjois nail products so if I was you I would pick up two of these: one for glitter and one for not.  I guarantee you will never go back to the old cotton wool ball method again.


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