Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Show Beauty Lux Volume Mist & Premiere Finishing Spray

Celebrity endorsed products aren’t usually my thing.  I don’t like their cheap gimmicky packaging and the cheesy advertisements that go along with it.  However, when I saw Tamara Ecclestone’s range of luxury haircare products, Show Beauty, I had to admit I was rather impressed.  

At first glance, the packaging is gorgeous.  With a colour scheme of black, silver, golds and a dash of crystallised glass here and there, these products look and feel expensive.  The downside?  The price-tag reflects that too.  I’ve had a quick browse on their website and I don’t think you can buy anything from the range for less than £30.  Ouch!  So, are they worth it?

The Lux Volume Mist is my favourite product of the two I own.  I know I keep raving about the appearance of the bottle but look at it - it’s just so pretty!  Although the heavy lid does keep falling off which is a bit annoying.  I spray this into the roots of my hair when it’s wet before going to town on it with hairdryer.  When I flip my hair back there is a LOT of visible volume.  I like how it’s very much ‘spray and go’ without too much work required.  As a girl who can’t properly blowdry her hair (I don’t use a fancy round brush or a hairdryer nozzle) this is mega important to me.

I also own the Premiere Finishing Spray which is essentially just a hairspray.  I’m not really a hairspray kinda girl as I’m lucky and my hair holds volume quite easily.  I know it’s strange but I never really notice when a hairspray is good, I just notice when it’s really bad and makes your hair feel all sticky.  I think I need to pay more attention to my spraying habits.  My boyfriend however can vouch for the quality of it as he is a bit of a hairspray fiend and uses it religiously to keep his coiffed hair in place.  He says it smells sweet and holds well but me, being the evil witch that I am, won’t let him use it often because it’s expensive and I want it all to myself.  Selfish I know!

Overall, I do think both of these products are very good but you could get something else for half of the eye-watering price tag.  For example, I can achieve the same amount of volume with the L’oreal Elnette Volume Spray if I work with my hair a little more.  And as I’m not 100% passionate about hairspray,  I don’t think I could bring myself to pay this much for a tin of the stuff.  Both are beautiful products if you can afford them but I can’t justify paying the price when I know I can get the same results for a lot less.  I will of course be saving the empties to bring a little bit of class to my dressing table as Show Beauty does get the award for prettiest packaging ever.


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