Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Something Kinda Cloughton | 50 Facts About Me

I’ve been writing my blog for a while now and it dawned on me that I’ve never really done a personal type of post.  I just jumped straight in there and started reviewing products and rambling about beauty without giving any of you an introduction.  I thought the 50 Facts About Me tag would be an ideal way for you to learn a little more about me :) only if you want to of course, if not then don’t worry, it’s back to business with a beauty post tomorrow.

1.  I’ve just turned 24 but people often think I look a lot younger.  Thank you baby-face!

2.  I live in a small town in the North East of England.  It’s nothing special but it’s home.

3.  When I was a baby I was obsessed with the theme tune from Neighbours!  When it came on the TV I would stop whatever I was doing, whether it be eating, sleeping, playing and would stare at the screen in awe whilst I swayed backwards and forwards to the tune.

4.  Diet Coke is my favourite drink.  I drink it at least once a day.

5.  I’m a brown eyed girl.

6.  I’m also a shorty at only 5ft 3inches tall.

7.  My greatest fear/borderline phobia is of sharks.  I know it’s silly as I will probably never see one in my lifetime but I can’t watch them on TV or look at pictures of them without feeling sick to the stomach.  It’s made me scared of open water and I never go in the sea when I’m on holiday.  I even get a little panicky when I’m out of my depth in the swimming pool.

8.  Speaking of swimming, it’s not one of my strong points.  I had classes when I was younger but passed all of my tests by doing backstroke as I found it easiest.

9.  Being on my own makes me sad :( I’m much more myself when I’m around the people I love.

10.  I’m a movie fanatic!  I love going to the cinema to see the latest blockbusters and curling up with a pile of movies on a rainy day.  My favourite film is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  I could watch it again and again.

11.  As you might have guessed, Audrey Hepburn is my idol.  I hope that doesn’t sounds too cliche as I know a lot of people love her but she is just perfect.  She was beautiful inside and out and truly a Hollywood great.

12.  My hangover cure is curry!

13.  I have no sense of smell.  Absolutely none whatsoever!  Yes I miss out on all of those disgusting horrible smells but it also means I’ve never smelt nice things like body creams and scented candles :(

14.  When I was growing up I used to say I wanted to be a lawyer...oh how things have changed!

15.  My favourite colour in the whole wide world is green.

16.  I love singing even though I can’t hold a note.  I always find myself singing when I’m really happy :) 

17.  I was Head Girl in Secondary School.  Geek chic! 
18.  I have a pet parrot.  She’s a Green-cheeked Conure called Verde (told you I was obsessed with green!)  She’s a little diva and can be a bit naughty but I wouldn’t change her for the world.   

19.  Travelling is one of my favourite things.  There’s so many places in the world I want to go.

20.  Disney is my obsession.  I’m still seven at heart <3     

21.  I like rainy days...even when I have to go outside.

22.  When I want to properly relax I read a good book.  I love escaping to another world.

23.  I’m more about shoes than bags.  Give me some Loubs over a Mulberry any day.

24.  My favourite topics in school were French and English.

25.  Zac Efron is my celeb crush.  He’s a total babe.

26.  Good friends are so important to me.  I would do anything for my friends and know they would do the same for me.

27.  My birthday is the 27th September - pop it in your diary because I'm big on birthdays ;)

28.  I’m fond of inspiring quotes.  I lose hours looking through the quote section on Pinterest.

29.  Lazy is my middle name.  I could lay in bed all day if I didn’t have anything else to get up for.

30.  Buying cute notebooks makes me happy but I don’t enjoy writing in them as I hate my handwriting.

31.  I like to think I give quite good advice.  How do I become an agony aunt?

32.  I have the worst taste in music.  I’m still stuck in the nineties.

33.  In school plays I was always the narrator because I was good at reading but longed to have a part where I wore a cool costume.

34.  I have an addictive personality hence the reason why I haven’t downloaded Candy Crush.

35.  I get extremely nostalgic about decades gone by.  I often think to myself “what would I be like if I lived in the forties?”

36.  Girl Power is extremely important to me.  I’m all about equal rights for both men and women.  See, the Spice Girls did learn us a lot!

37.  My heart hurts for anyone who is less fortunate than me.  Sometimes I can’t watch the news because it just makes me feel so sad.

38.  Christmas is what makes me happiest.  Prepare to see a very hyperactive Gemma over the next couple of months.

39.  Bad customer service really winds me up.  I can’t just drop it either...I have to complain, much to my boyfriend’s embarrassment.

40.  Dressing up is one of my favourite things to do.  In recent years I’ve been a brownie, a Grecian Goddess, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell, the Black Swan...and many more.

41.  My favourite cocktail is a cosmopolitan.

42.  I hate exercise.  I know that sounds so unhealthy but I just don’t get that ‘gym buzz’ that others do.

43.  I can’t name my favourite food because I like so much.

44.  Topshop, ASOS and Primark are my go-to places to shop.

45.  The proudest day of my life to date was graduating from university.  I felt such a sense of achievement.

46.  I have size five feet!

47.  My boyfriend knows me so well.  He could probably write 100 facts about me!

48.  I’ve only ever suffered from one broken bone, my collar bone, and ouch it hurt!

49.  I always have the most craziest, vidid dreams and I have to research them the next day.

50.  Cuddles are my favourite.  Nothing makes you feel warmer inside if you ask me.    

Okay so that was actually harder than I thought it would be but I got there in the end!  If you’re still reading then thank you!  I hope you all enjoyed it.  If you’ve done a ‘facts’ post then link it below because I’d love to read a little more about you guys too.


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